Restorations can fall into 3 categories: partial, full body off and resto-mod.

At Vintage Iron Coachwerks, we can provide anyone of these levels of restoration with great attention to detail and workmanship!


Partial restorations are generally the repair of certain areas like paint and body. Whether its a paint issue from previous work, rusted / damaged body panels, or a complete paint refinish. At Vintage Iron, we provide any one of these levels of restorations with great attention to detail and workmanship!

Body Off

Full body off restorations are just that. Total disassembly is required which is very labour intensive. This can include the removal of the body from the frame and placed on a rotisserie so every part of the vehicle can be stripped down to bare metal and inspected.Removal of the powertrain, driveline, suspension, braking and electrical systems, interior, glass and all trim for inspection. Repairs are made and parts replaced that are non repairable or not structurally sound. Every piece of the vehicle is gone over and refurbished back to original condition. The end result is a better than new vehicle!!

Full Resto-mod

The resto-mod can be a combination of either partial or full restoration.It involves up grading the factory components with performance products and or designs. Creating better handling, performance and overall appearance while remaining some what stock to the average person.