Complete builds

A turn key build is commissioned to be built which customer takes possession of after it has been completed and gone over top to bottom to ensure they can jump in and drive away.

Let us build that car or truck you have always wanted but didn't think was possible!

From a daily driver you can enjoy cruising in to that all out show car. Whether its a stock restoration, resto-mod muscle car, kustom or hotrod we can build it to ur style and specifications. All the while staying within an agreed upon budget.

The process starts with the initial consultation with you the customer.

Together we go over what type of build ur looking for. Your ideas, likes, dislikes and expectations.

Deciding on the drive train, suspension, braking systems, interior, modifications, exterior colour and designs.

From there we source out the required parts and performance products that are needed. I use a local sandblaster, powder coater, upholstery and engine builder to provide a high quality build.

At this time a third of the overall budget or agreed upon amount is required to start the build.

As it progress's corresponding payments towards the work and parts are made.

All the while you the customer are kept up dated and involved in decision making of the build.

Upon completion of the project I will go over it with you to make sure every thing outlined has been achieved or exceeded.

The vehicle gets one more final going over to ensure you're getting that brand new ride... just like you would from a dealership!