'65 Corvair Convertible

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A '65 coupe donor car was purchased to rob parts from initially but the the convertible was too far gone rust wise to restore. It was at that point I decided we would remove all bracing, the convertible top, inner structure, rear cowl, tops of the quarters and inner sheet metal structure of the quarters as one component. The same was done to the coupe after welding bracing into the car. The convertible assembly was then slide down and back into the coupe where it was welded in. Factory convertible bracing was welded back in to stock locations and more bracing added in the form of sub frame connecters. The top 6 inches of both cars were removed and swapped into place. All sheet metal fabrication and bodywork was done. Painted inside and out bubble gum pink and has ghosted rally strips in hood and trunk with a silver pearl inlay. Interior redone in black with dash and gauges taken apart and refurbished. All mechanical gone thru and rebuilt to factory specs.

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